Eastlake Police Station

35150 Lakeshore Boulevard
Eastlake, Ohio 44095

Emergency: Dial 9-1-1

Phone: 440-951-1400
Fax: 440-951-7781

Tips? Email us!

Chief: Larry Reik contact ext. #1120
E-mail: lreik@eastlakeohio.com

Office Hours
8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ekko, one of Eastlake Police Department’s K9 units

What are the rules for parking in Eastlake?
City Ordinance 351.01-99 provides for the regulation of parking enforcement. There is no parking:

  • On any city street 3-6 a.m.
  • Where clearly marked
  • On hydrant side of street
  • In residential front yards
  • During a Snow Ban, when there is an accumulation of 2 inches or more of snow

What are the fines for parking violations?
Fines for parking violations are $25 if paid in 5 days. The fine is doubled after 5 days.

What is the curfew for youth in Eastlake?
Juvenile curfews, according to City Ordinance 509.14, are as follows:

  • Under 12 Dusk to dawn
  • Age 12-16 10 p.m.-6 a.m.
  • Age 16-17 11 p.m.-6 a.m.

No parent or guardian shall allow a child to be in violation of curfew, according to City Ordinance 509.14(d).

Can the Eastlake Police Department provide fingerprinting?
We suggest you go to the Attorney General’s website, where Electronic WebCheck locations are listed by county.

Can the Eastlake Police Department help if I am locked out of my car?
We can attempt to aid people who are locked out of their cars. Alternately, you can contact your local car dealership, AAA, or a towing company.

How do I get a copy of a police report? 
Police reports are subject to the State of Ohio Sunshine Laws. Copies are available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. You may call 440-951-1400, ext. 205, to arrange for a copy.

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