Over 300 years ago the Erie Indians had a village near what is now Lake Shore Boulevard and Reeves Road.

In 1750 a French trading post, Charlton was established at the mouth of the Chargin River.

In 1830-40 settles came from “York” State to purchase land from the Connecticut Land Co. for $7 to $10 per acre.

In 1880’s the wealthy people came from Cleveland to build summer homes.

In 1897, the C.P. & E. Shoreline Interurban Street Car Line brought many more people to enjoy the lake & county living.

In 1923 Conrad & Jessie Albracht built a summer home on land that is later became the city hall of Eastlake. Cost was $22,043.  Land extended from Erie Rd. along Lake Shore to Willowick Dr.

In 1948 Eastlake incorporated as a village.

In 1949 the city hall was at Roberts and Beachpark  Rds.

In 1951 Eastlake officially become a city, with a population of 7,486.

In 1956 Eastlake purchased the Albracht building & land for $50.000.

In 1958 Eastlake & Willoughby formed a joined Sanitary Sewer District.  It was the first community in the United States to form a sewer district.

In 1976 Eastlake went before the U.S. Supreme Court that proposed zoning change should be put to the vote of the people & won.

In 1987 new shopping malls & business came to Eastlake.

In 1994 a new city hall was built & old one moved across the street.


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