Ordinance Committee Meeting Minutes from April 18, 2017


APRIL 18, 2017

Committee Chair Mr. Hoefle opened the meeting at approximately 6:19 ­­­p.m. Members of the Committee in attendance were Mr. Hoefle, Mr. Meyers and Mr. Spotton. Present from Council were Mr. Zuren, Mr. Kasunick and Mr. Evers. Council President Ms. DePledge was absent and excused.

In attendance from the Administration were Police Chief Reik, CBO Menn and Law Director Klammer. Mayor Morley, Fire Chief Whittington and Service Director Rubertino were absent and excused.

There were no members of the public in attendance.


There was nothing under Proposed.


Chapter 761 “Entertainment Device Arcades”

Mr. Hoefle: We spoke about this at the last meeting and Mr. Klammer did get a hold of Mrs. Simons and added some of the different items into our final version. I know this came over early this morning has everybody had a chance to review it. I believe that everything has been incorporated…that we talked about.

Mr. Klammer: You had seen what I sent a couple of days ago.

Mr. Hoefle: One thousand feet have been added into there. Mr. Spotton had questioned in regards to the last some of the buildings that they come into and the signage…corrects me if I’m wrong. If they want to come into a plaza and post a sign they would still have to go through the ARB to have that sign approved correct?

Mr. Menn: Yes.

Mr. Spotton: So they would have to have their signs approved and when we had the Sweepstakes Cafes we never had any problems as far as I’m aware of with any of them that were in the city. Chief Reik did we have anything with the Police Department? I don’t believe that we did.

Chief Reik: No. Not with the operation of them.

Mr. Hoefle: We had no problems with that and I don’t believe that we had any building problems. They all followed the guidelines. It was just when it came up to the State when they finally made the determination to shut them down. We have the stipulations here that if they do pay their licensing fee that year and all of a sudden the state comes along…we are not going to be re-ember sing anything. They will lose whatever they put forward to us. Is everybody in acceptance with the…anybody else having any questions or comments in regards to this? If none do we want to move it forward?

Mr. Spotton: Move it forward.

Mr. Meyers: Move it forward.

Mr. Hoefle: We will move it forward to our next meeting.


There was nothing under Miscellaneous.


There was no one who wished to speak.


Mayor Morley was absent and excused.

There were no further questions or comments for the Mayor.


Mr. Klammer had nothing to report.

There were no further questions or comments for the Law Director.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:21 p.m.


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