Finance Committee Meeting Minutes from May 3, 2016


May 3, 2016


Committee Member Mr. Hoefle opened the meeting at approximately ­­­6:00 p.m. Members of the Committee in attendance were Mr. Hoefle and Mr. Zuren. Present from Council were Mr. Meyers, Mr. Kasunick, Mr. Spotton and Council President Ms. DePledge.  Mr. Evers was absent and excused.


In attendance from the Administration were Mayor Morley and Law Director Klammer. Finance Director Schindel was absent and excused.


Also in attendance were members of the public.  





To discuss the petition proposals on bids for Central Park.

Mr. Hoefle: We are recording this meeting and if there is anybody else in the audience that is recording please state your name.


Angelo Trivisonno


Mr. Hoefle: At this time I would like to turn the meeting over to our Law Director Mr. Klammer. He did have a meeting last week and if he would like to add any additional information in regards to that meeting.


Mr. Klammer: We had the first meeting with the Mr. Mazar from the Croatian Center along with Mr. and Mrs. Trivisonno and Byren. It was a nice and productive meeting.  We exchanged advarious discussions along with discussing concerns and complaments about the two prospective proposals.  Hope to find some sinergey between them.  At the end of last week we did a follow up meeting.


Mayor Morley: It was Thursday.


Mayor Morley: We tried a walk through a little bit further with the neighbor’s that had some interest in developing some baseball fields there. To possibly bring the softball leagues to that property.  All along we have been trying to focus in on what the concerns were.  I tried to venintate that lease to incorporate some additional comments.  I am not sure but I got the impression that a lot of the concerns that the representatives of the city had were elevated at last weeks meeting.  I did the best that I could to continue to try and find some accomidations to make that the neighbor’s needs are meet.  At the same time we respect the fact that because of the position of the Croatian Center Plaza, and the passion of the sport along with the creditability that they have with the sport.  Try and find some accommodation for that property as well to improve that program that they have.  I made some changes to the proposed lease.  Just emphasing that there will be some on going efforts to have some pre-season discussions to make sure that the City of Eastlake Soccer League could have some involvement in planning.  You will find that in subsection (9) (B).  I incoportated a good faith effort to include three pre-season coordinating confrece with the Youth Soccer Leagues to try and find a way for the city leagues to play on those fields as well.  Also commenting the investment that the Croatian Center has in that property.  There are some other points that somebody had some follow up and I think that it was Mr. Spotton that had some other comments.  We tried to incorporate those in there as well.  All in all we try to continue to find some accomidation in here that tries to appreciate and recognize everbodies respective needs and to improve a property at no cost to the city residents. I am open to any questions that you want answered.


Mr. Hoefle: Council or Committee? Mr. Zuren do you have any comments or questions?


Mr. Zuren: I had a few concerns about the lease with the ACL. Mr. Klammer did address them and he sent over an updated lease.  My first concern was that I wanted to put the city in the best possible situation.  There was a Section 8 (B) which was first writer refusal and that has been changed to clearly state if the property is sold the ACL does have the first writer refusal, but it is at what ever price the city negotiates.  They would have to pay what ever the highest offer would be.


Mr. Klammer: We just stated that this said sale shall be upon such terms and at such price as the Landlord determines to be in the best interest of the city.  We have an ordinance that exempts us from competitive bidding for that type of project.  We would have some type of flexability in there in determining the best price.  That is why I used that language.


Mr. Zuren: Ok. I did have a concern and you have already addressed it is with Section 9 (B). It talked about the other youth soccer leagues and that was one of my concerns.  That has been added to the contract.  I had a concern with it was with Section 5 (C).


Mr. Klammer: Just so you know that reference to pre-season coordinating conference I created conference. Pre-season coordinating conference is just elsewhere and that is kind of what I described it as for purposes of the lease.


Mr. Zuren: The last area was Section 5 (C) and I was concerned if when the lease is terminated that the city would not be subject to any expenses to remove any inprovements. That has been added to the contract as well.  The tenant (ACL) would have to remove any improvements if we deem it necessary.


Mr. Klammer: I have not forwarded this to the attorney for the Croatian Center for review. Just that I suspect that he is going to say that I can invest anymore review until the city wants to do it.  Obvious this will be subject to sending it off to them for their approval as well.


Mr. Zuren: Those are my concerns and they were all addressed. I feel that the city is better protected with these in there.


Mr. Hoefle: Thank you Mr. Zuren. Is there anybody else on Council or Committees have any other questions?  Ms. DePledge?


Ms. DePledge: As Council President I just want to make sure that everybody on Council had an oppritunity to review both proposals. If anybody has any questions regarding any of the proposals you can ask them now, or if you did get an answer, or if you need more information.   Is everybody satisfied that they have had ample oppritunity to review both of the proposals? 


Mr. Hoefle: Before we make a movement on this we will go into our regognition of the public.



Mayor Morley had nothing to report.

There were no further questions or comments.


Mr. Klammer had nothing to report.

There were no further questions or comments.



Mr. Schindel was absent and excused.

There were no further questions or comments.


There was nothing under Miscellaneous.


Angelo Trivisonno, 34186 Waldmere Ave, Eastlake

Mr. Trivisonno: My first comment that I would like to make is that it sounds like there have been some questions from members of Council about the terms of this lease. Personally I have seen any of the new terms of this lease. I strongly urge you to keep this lease in the committee until a final lease is drafted. I don’t think that you should move something to Council that hasn’t been fully considered and fleshed out. I know that as residents we had no idea that there were going to be changes to this lease. It sounds like there were some substancially changes that were made. I think that you should keep it in this committee until the residents have an oppritunity to review the lease and to ask additional questions. It sounds like more should be expected. My second point is Central Park is currently a public park. Once this lease is passed is it still a public park?

Mr. Hoefle: Yes.

Mr. Trivisonno: It is still a public park. The Law Director had mentioned that there were some exemptions to state law regarding the competitive bidding process. A question was asked by a resident and I had asked my own questions about this. Could anyone please go on the record for me know and explain how competitive bidding is not required for the lease of public property in accordance with the Charter and State law?

Mr. Klammer: I think that we have just done it before and the analysis is not as simple as everyone wants it to be. But the point and the principle of having home rule is that cities have the authority to make a decision for the properties that they control. Or they are a Chartered Municiplaty like the city. If they determine in all sorts of incidents that statutes that would apply to cities that aren’t home ruled, because their residents haven’t elected a Charter. The Charter is our Constitiution and we have elected home rule municipalty. The reality is that there are all sorts’ ordinances that allow the city to make this determination. To determine how it is going to use its property. The best interest and especially in this situation where it has now been since October, it has been in a committee before it went to Council. It was held for three readings in Council. It was considered at each one of those meeting in Council-As-A-Whole and at the full Council Meeting. Then there was an additional meeting between Mr. and Mrs. Trivisonno and the Croatian Center that lasted two and a half hours. There we discussed everything including the Craotian Center offering to help them understand their budget and what it would take to run a park on their terms. There is conflicting information as to whether the softball league that they would want to bring. Could ever come to the city to provide the reveues source that they think that they need to be good stuarts of the land that they want to control as opposed to the Croatian Center wants the control. As a courtesy because everybody is trying to be fair this is not a competition between the city and the Trivisonno’s. We want to make sure that we are doing everything that is right for the residents and for this property. It went back into committee and the additional meeting was with the Croatian Center. It stayed in committee for one committee meeting and an additional meeting was held to flush out all of these concerns because of the budget. To try and do what they want to do is very comnplicated and important. I think that at this point I sense from the Council members that not all of the concerns have been eliminated. The issues were altimatly that the Croatian Center wanted their control over the property for a limited period of time to respect their investment. The Trivisonno’s want to control the property for their own limited period of time and with less confidence in the investment. I don’t mean that as a slight but that ultimately is the cities concern. We are back for another committee again. We have tried again to address the concerns that everybody has raised in a revised lease. And now you want to hold it back in to committee again to do that. If more concerns are brought up and we try and make revisions then we are going to try and hold it back at that point. It’s not prepared to move forward. I think that we have addressed these things. If there is going to be a lawsuit then so be it. I am prepared to defend what the city has done as a fully veted complete public information to every resident in the city back to October. Despite the threats or the thoughts that there will be some other person preparing to come and bid on this property. Nobody has come forward. It was publicly noticed as every city meeting is publicly noticed throughout the city. The minutes are published as the city publishes them as well as the Trivisonno’s putting them on their website. Now we stand five months later and we are exactly where we were when we started. I am fully confident that what the city has done is in the best interest of the tax payers of the City of Eastlake. To bring to the city an improved piece of property at little or no cost to the tax payers as opposed to fighting over it. I think that Council has the right to move it forward of they want to.

Mr. Hoefle: Mr. Trivisonno I know that you probably had about another minute or so. Did you have anything else that you would like to add?

Mr. Trivisonno: My final question is can anyone explain why $50,000.00 is currently allocated to the Recreation and Land Aquishtion Fund? And I wonder why that money is allocated there when at the same time we don’t have the funds to maintaine our current parks? Why is there money set aside to obtain new park land?

Mr. Hoefle: Mayor Morley?

Mayor Morley: In case of an emergency that we have….I believe that the last time that we used that money was about two years ago. That was when we were re-opening the pool and we used it to repair the fence. It is not there just for the recreation. Again we have had this discussion. Even if we had money to put in a park we don’t have the man power to continue to do the park. You come to a ton of meetings and you know what we are trying to do on Erie Road. My same concern there is that it is a million dollar project. If somehow that group gets a million dollars to fix that park how do we maintain it? That is the bottom line in this city for all of our residents. We get complaints that we can’t maintain things. We have done three different things one is we went with the YMCA for the pool and that was a big issue in 2013. We worked with the YMCA and got the pool up and running. After the last levy that failed we were going to shut down the Community Center. We went to an outside entity that was with EPAL. For those who don’t know the things about the dollar in government. I will bring that up because I have had to go back and forth with one resident this past week. We rent the Senior Center from the Willoughby-Eastlake Schools for $1.00 so that our Senior Center could be there. I have asked the one person who keeps calling do you think that is fair or should Willoughby-Eastlake say why should we give it to Eastlake for a $1.00? Why don’t we say hey we’re helping but now we want the city to give us $5,000.00 a month to use the Senior Center? We lease the corner of Lakeshore and Erie Road from First Engery for a dollar. That is where the festivals used to be. We leased the sea wall that a lot of our residents us for one dollar. It’s not out there saying that we need to make money. My final point that I have brought up is and I hope that it comes out good. We’ve gone to the residents…I will bring back the pool from 2013 because that was a hot topic during that year. We went to the ballot and it was a $1.25 a month to keep the pool open and that levy failed. The residents don’t want to give any of their money and I understand that. I am okay with that. We are trying to think outside the box and go to outside entities to help us. When we say the Croatian Lodge is in here to help us or it’s for their constituants only. Or that it’s for the lodge. What we are seeing them as that they have been here for a long time. Their employee’s pay us the 2% income tax and the Lodge pays their property taxes. For us to continue to be out there on some of the websites saying this is a behind the door deal? As the Law Director has said this has been going on since October. The steam keeps going and again we want to say another two weeks so we can do what ever we are going to do out there. Everyone at this table has done their due diligence. We have sat down and there are no back door deals. This is what we believe is what is best for the city at this point in time. The term of the agreement…I hope that in 15 years that we have a turn around and people say that we want to get the city up like the surrounding cities. The bottome line is that we run on shoe strings for the money and everyone in this room probably knows that. It is not like we are saying hey we are upset because we can’t get something passed. I am okay with that. We are running how we can run. If we want things to not look bad in the city…this is what I have tried to do in saying that this is what we are going to do with these parks. Then this is what we are doing. The alternative is that we don’t go with them and again we have a Beautification Committee. I am not in agreement with them they just saying hey we are going to come to City Hall and clean it. I said the same thing with the group it’s not a slight. It’s just that if you were on our side of the table you would say how we are going to get into agreement about moving ahead. I asked that at Thursday’s meeting with Byran. Well if phase one doesn’t go and phase two doesn’t come about what is your back up plan? There was no back up plan. I know that it is out there that people believe that we are picking on this group. We are not picking on this group. The Croatian Home has been here for 30 years. Financially am I going to tell them to give us your books and records? Do you think that they are going to walk away? I don’t and I give them credit for staying in thact with us for the last six months to try and get through this. That is about as good as I can say it. We are not trying to do anything to slight our residents. We are trying to get things here that we don’t want to pay for ourselves. That is the bottom line.

Jessica Trivisonno, 34186 Waldmere Dr., Eastlake

Mrs. Trivisonno: First I want to complament Mr. Zuren and I think that the terms of the lease that he suggested are helpful terms. They make the lease more favorable for the city and it puts the city in a better position in 15 years. I am happy that those were included and I hope that the ACL agrees to those terms. If not I guess that is up to you guys to decide on what to do. Second I just have a question and this is just a liguring question that I have. I think that a couple people have asked and Mr. Kasunick also asked is: what is the cost of maintaining Central Park for the city?

Mayor Morley: It doesn’t come to a cost. It is like when we eliminated the leaf pick up. It has nothing to do with cost it has to do with bodies. We have six people who work in the Service Department on a daily basis. To do all of the catch basins and if you notice we are not doing them, to do all of the pothole repairs, along with doing everything else. The cutting of the grass and again I got an email that we should site ourselves. We can’t keep up with the grass that we have right now. It doesn’t go to cost it goes to bodies. Our employees are a set cost. It is not about a cost to say hey that it costs us…we don’t keep track of man hours for every job that they do here. We just don’t and I don’t believe that any other city does either. It is about the bodies. It is not about that it costs us $30,000.00 to maintain it. It did cost us $50,000.00 to keep the Community Center open. That was one of the resons that it would have gone down. EPAL takes care of all the maintaince and everything else. It isn’t about the cost it’s about manpower more than anything. On all of the parks and that is why we can’t keep up with everything that it going on in the city. That is one of the reasons the Beautifation Committee was formed to try and take care of the corners and City Hall. They have done a good job and we are happy with that. I hope that answers it.

Mrs. Trivisonno: Yes and thank you.

Mayor Morley: You’re welcome.

Mr. Hoefle: Is there anyone else in the audience that would like to address Council?

Bob White, 35299 Beachpark Ave, Eastlake

Mr. White: You had mentioned about the catch basins. Are you telling that there is no cost on what each catch basin costs to re-build?

Mayor Morley: Yes there is.

Mr. White: What is the cost for one?

Mayor Morley: I do not have the totatl number. We are with the Lake County Stormwater Plan now. So we get re-emberised by the County for everything that we are doing. It is no cost to the city from the General Fund.

Mr. White: You had mentioned that there are six workers. Are they all doing the catch basins?

Mayor Morley: No. They do…

Mr. White: There are six workers standing around one catch basin every single day this week.

Mayor Morley: Ok. Which street?

Mr. White: Stevens Blouvard and Willowick Drive. When I was in the trade three people would set ten to fifteen a day. I have seen maybe two done in a week.

Mayor Morley: Bring it up with the Service Director.

Mr. White: That is a waste of money. In turn you keep saying that it is little or no cost to Eastlake to put this to the ACL. What is little cost? It should be no cost. If anything we should get revenue from it. He has said it more than one time…little to no cost.

Mr. Klammer: There is no cost to the city.

Mr. White: Is it in there?

Mr. Klammer: Yeah.

Mr. White: I think that you should table this lease until it is in there.

Mr. Klammer: It is in there.

Mr. White: We need to table it until the city can read this…until the residents can read this lease. None of us have seen this. We don’t know if it really in there.

Mr. Hoefle: Is there anybody else from the audience that would like to address Council?

Mr. White: I wasn’t done.

Mr. Hoefle: Ok.

Mr. White: You had mentioned…he was asking if would still be public property afterwards. If you sign with the ACL and you say yes that means that I can go in there anytime and play soccer with my kids on those fields?

Mr. Klammer: No.

Mr. White: Then that is not public. That is private.

Mayor Morley: I will give you an example can you go and play football on Eastlake North’s football field?

Mr. White: Yeah because I can go and run the track if I want to. I run up and down those steps three nights a week. North High’s football field and track is open to all city residents. Whenever North High is not using it.

Mayor Morley: Thank you.

Mr. White: So the answer is no. It is not public. So his answer to him was false. It is not public.

Mr. Klammer: Do you want me to bicker I will.

Ms. DePledge: It is not necessary.

Mr. Hoefle: Are there any other residents?

Sheila Trivisonno, 34540 Stevens Blvd., Eastlake

Mrs. Trivisonno: I am a resident of Eastlake and I have been here for about 35 to 40 years. I trust that there is a very big problem in the city and the stadium being thrown down. I am just telling you right now with this going through…how many resident do you have in the city of Eastlake?

Mayor Morley: 18,577.

Mrs .Trivisonno: I want to garuntee you right now that you maybe have 500 residents that know about this. They are going to be outraged. This is not for our city residents plain and simple. It sounds great and it is going to benefit and look pretty for who? For the Croatian Center and it is all good. But if you want to sell this lot…this seven acres. Do you know how much in taxes that is if development was supposed to go in there. You say that the tax and a levy hasn’t gone through do you know why. Because people don’t trust Council and they don’t trust their city any more. You don’t think that we want a beautiful city. They are worried about the term effects of the stadium. They worried about who is going to pay for all of those repairs in 15 years. It got rammed down their throat. I am telling you that is why these levies are not getting passed. When they find out about this you aren’t going to get anymore levies passed. What is the rush? Why can’ you make sure and slow down with this and waite to put it through the Gazette. I have talked to so many people and they have no idea. I am warning you they are going to find out about this and they are going to freak out. The Croatian Center has even admitted that they can not use these fields right now. We have a stadium up there that you know as well as I do that it is long term. There is going to be maintaince on that and a lot of things. You are going to come back to city residents again. They are going to freak out. They would rather have recreation and praks then to worry about those things later. Many people drive by the other communities and see the beautiful parks and pools. That’s why your leveis are not passing. Because they think that you do back door deals. I am not saying that you are and no body is. Really be honest this has not been published enough. You think that it has with all of you here. A lot of people don’t come here.

Ms. DePeldge: There have been five articles in the News-Herald on this. It has been all over social media. We have had public meetings for five months. We can’t go door to door and tell each resident what we are doing everytime we make a decision. That is not practical. I am going to go out on a limb here and it is the responsibility of each resident in this city to know what is going on with their government. We do everything we can with all of the resources that we have to keep every resident informed. Everything we have is at the public library. We can go to any director, Police Department, Service Department, and the Fire Department. Those directors will sit down and they will talk to you. They will answer every single question that you have. That is a directive from the Mayor. They are to answer all of your questions. We are the most transparent community you will ever find. You can ask Mr. Trivisonno he has asked public records request from Willoughby City Hall they don’t respond. We respond timely. We have given him stacks of information. This community and this city Council was not involved in the stadium deal. We were not here when Deliberto made those decisions. I got an email today about somebody saying that there is going to be eight to ten million dollars worth of inprovements to the stadium and the end of the lease. I replied to her where did you get that information? Do you know what she told me? It is common sense. We would know and we would have those conversations somewhere. They don’t exist because they haven’t happened. I am just trying to tell you that no body is hiding anything and I do and I am personally offended by that.

Mrs. Trivisonno: I am sorry. During the winter a lot of people aren’t out and about.

Ms. DePledge: They are sitting at home readin their news papers. That is how they get the information.

Mrs. Trivisonno: A lot of people do want to see levies go through. I’m just cautioning. I am a resident and I pay taxes you work for me. I am just saying I know what the feed back is. I am for beautifaction and all of that. Everybody wants to see all of that. It’s not like your putting soccer fields and doing this or something that is going to benefit the residents. That is why I am just scared. It is not something that is directly going to benefit our children and residents. Long term if they get in there and they have that it is really to benefit them and the Croatian Center and their groups. I mean it is all good. When you do this in October and when I made a comment to her I said that the Croatian Center has even admitted that they aren’t going to be able to start anything up this year. It is too late. It would take them another year. That is all that I am commenting on. I just heard that a lot of people question our soccer fields down here by the electrical fields. They are just like what?

Mr. Klammer: Just so the minutes are clear. As far as the Croatian Center I think that you are right that they said that they won’t be able to use anyting this year. That is because they need the summer to do what they have to do. So anybody that is going to read the minutes the Croatian Center is going to have to invest in arcitechtual surveying to figure out where the property is going to go, the slopes of the property along with the drainage. They have to do all of that stuff. Then what they will tell you is…the Trivisonno’s were there they heard the explaination about all of this stuff and special type of grass that they use. Because it make the fields better compared to other facilities. I think that what they were saying is if they are lucky it may be at the end of this season. Probably Spring of next year before those fields would be usable. What we need to do having sat on it for six months is if we are going to move forward they need this before they make what ever the investment is in engineering and all of that stuff. Let’s see what we need to do to start to improve it. You are right in the sense that they can’t us it this year but the first bottle neck is this lease agreement to know whether they know to start to make those investments.

Mrs .Trivisonno: Like I have said because I am a resident I just don’t want the rest of my residents that I live with in my community to feel like here is another thing that was quickly slipped in. I understand what you guys are saying. I am not saying anything behind…with the winter. I am just asking how many residents are in the city. If you go around a lot of people really don’t have a clue.

Mr. Klammer: It the nature of government.

Mrs. Trivisonno: I know that you are saying that you can’t send out flyers to everybody and go knock on the doors. Unfortunatly people are just saying what they are saying on here. I am only… myself and I don’t know what to say. When other people comment they go how this benfitting going to our city? I know that we are tight. I know that we are on a shoe string budget.

Mr. Hoefle: Thank you for your comments. Sorry but that is the three minutes. Is there anyone else who would like to address? Before I get to you Mrs. Trivisonno is there anyone else first? Seeing none Mrs. Trivisonno?

Jessica Trivisonno, 34186 Waldmere Drive, Eastlake

Mrs. Trivisonno: I just want to put it on the record that you guys do send flyers to everyones door. I think that is what the Eastlake Gazette is a way for you flyer everybody in this city. It wasn’t mentioned in the Gazette until April. The News-Herald didn’t start running articles until April. My letter to the editor went in and after that there were a couple other articles in the newspaper. It was posted on social media in February. You guys have told me dozens of times that social media only reaches a limited number of people. So I guess that I just wanted to put it out there that sure Mr. Trivisonno and I knew about it in October. That is because we do go to all of the meetings. We do have a way to tell everbody in the city and that didn’t happen.

Mr. Hoefle: Seeing that we don’t have anybody else to speak. We had the two proposals….

Rob Trivisonno, 34540 Stevens Blvd., Eastlake

Mr. Trivisonno: My question to you is what is your issue with volunteers? It’s a public park what is your business to give it to some private entity? Instead of just letting…it’s a public park. Why do care about the cost or why do you care about anything? It’s a public park. Right now it doesn’t look bad down there at all. I’ve been down there. It’s a park. It’s grass and trees it takes nothing if you get volunteers to fix ball fields even volunteering little leagues and youth football its all volunteers. It’s been going on for thirty or fourty years. It’s still there the little league and youth football. I don’t know what happened down there with the softball leagues but I know that it doesn’t sound good. People weren’t told the truth. I don’t think that the city worked with them or things were going on. I say back door. I don’t like how things got pushed out and they weren’t done right. What is your issue about volunteers? Volunteers are the greatest thing for a city. He has been here three months and he has volunteer’s coming out of the wood work to help with the seven acre park. Let people walk their dogs and go down there with their kids. You just want to take it away just like that. That is what gets people mad. What corner are you going to take next? Then thoe group of people are mad. You guys just shake your heads but it’s a big deal. I don’t think that you are in the best interest of residents of this city. Just like Mrs. Trivisonno said there is no big…you should have had some big thing the Eastlake Gazettee. Be honest and get it out there. We are thinking of this idea to do this and we would like some out put. There was nothing like that. You decided and you pushed it and that was it. It was good for you but it wasn’t good for anybody else. That is about it and I think that covers everyting.

Mr. Hoefle: Thank you. We have two proposals and they are the ACL and we have what the ECP. Committee do we want to move the ACL proposal forward to Tuesday’s meeting? Mr. Zuren?

Mr. Zuren: I would like to recognize Mr. and Mrs. Trivisonno for all of their efforts. Not just for these parks because this wasn’t about one park. If you read their agreement it was about multiple parks. This one is what we are focusing on. They are committeed to the city and I see them on the Beautification Committee picking up trash. I see them working on the skate park and all of their efforts and just want to commend them. It would be great if there were a hundred people like you in the city. When I look at the two leases I have to look at the Croatian Lodge and they have been here for twenty to thirty years. They are fully funded and they have a great reputation in the city. I have been contacted by numerious members that live in my development. They are all for the soccer field and they have children that got to these functions. They are kind of shocked as to why this isn’t going through. Because it is a sound business decision to go with someone who has the financial resources and who have been here and they are committeed. Although I am impressed by the Trivisonno’s…if you look at their lease the funding isn’t there. I am sure that they want it to be there and the effort is there. But if you honestly look at the leases you will see that the proper decision for the is for somebody who low risk no risk and it is the Croatian Lodge.

Mr. Trivisonno: Is everything for sale here?

Mr. Zuren: Nothings for sale.

Mr. Trivisonno: Why is the public park for sale? Why is it even up to give it away for a dollar?

Mayor Morley: I answered the question about the dollar through government.

Mr. Trivisonno: I don’t understand why are you even thinking about an idea like this? It’s a public park. Why do you want to give it away?

Mayor Morley: Let me ask you this and the discussion has been about us selling the property.

Mr. Trivisonno: I don’t care about selling the property or the dollar issue.

Mayor Morley: Because they are going to make the investment. It is just like I said about us using the schools for the senior center. Do you think that they should charge us an amount of money to use their building?

Mr. Trivisonno: Everytine someone comes with an idea are you gonna…it’s a park.

Mayor Morley: It just isn’t.

Mr. Trivisonno: Your going to take…how is that guy if he can’t even get in there if it is fenced in. How is he and he lives one street away.

Mr. Hoefle: Hold on sir. First of all I want to make it clear that they have made it clear to us that they will probably have the fences around plot. The gates will be open and the public can go cut thorugh there.

Mr. Zuren: It’s not the whole park. It’s not the whole seven acres. It running the length of the park.

Mr. Trivisonno: We have no final lease and we don’t know that. You have nothing in front of us.

Mr. Hoefle: Sir hold on. Let’s get back to where we were at. Mr. Zuren did you have any further comments?

Mr. Zuren: My comment was the fenced in area is not the whole park. There will still be the playground, the skate park, and one of the ball fields is not going to be affected. It is not the whole park just to clarify that.

Mr. Hoefle: Before the Committee do we want to move this forward to Tuesday’s Meeting?

Mr. Zuren: I move to move it forward for a third and final reading in Council.

Mr. Hoefle: I move to move it forward as well. We will move forward with the ACL lease for Tuesday’s Meeting. There is nothing else under Miscellaneous.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:38 p.m.


                                                                        APPROVED: ___________________________

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        DATE: ______________________________

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