The City of Eastlake will be turning 70 years old this year, which will be celebrated with seven free events for residents this summer.

“This city has come a long way and I want to take advantage of that,” said Judy Moran, the city’s administrative assistant to the mayor and fire chief.

The celebration will kickoff June 20 with a birthday party at the Boulevard of 500 Flags.

“In our cabin back there, we’re going to have the history of Eastlake on display boards and people can wander through, and we’ll have some thing set up along the way for kids and adults,” Moran said.

The national Make Music Day will also be a part of Eastlake’s celebration for the first time, Moran said. Make Music Day is always celebrated on June 21 in which people may come out of their homes and play songs.

“If you play, you can come out onto your front step and play a song,” Moran said. “We’re going to have designated times and spots here in the city. Down at the Miracle Field there will be a band and the senior center will have a couple of things.”

Jeannie Fleming-Gifford, executive director of the Fairmount Center for the Arts, is planning to do a drum circle or drum line, and plans are being made to have bands from the schools involved, Moran said.

Then, on July 14, a concert performed by a Journey tribute band will take place at Classic Park, Moran said. Christmas in July will  take place on July 25 in conjunction with the YMCA, she said.

Additionally, an Oktoberfest will take place at the stadium Aug. 1, Moran said.

“I have a German brass band coming and a Hofbrauhaus food truck,” she said. “On Aug. 21, we got something called Chalk the Walk – the walking path goes down State Route 91. We’re going to cover it with positive messages for other residents throughout the city. We’re going to pass out chalk to the families and they can come out.

“There will be face painters, guides and we have three volunteers who are helping run that program.”

The celebration will culminate with the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Challenger the Eagle has been reserved for the event, Moran said.

Challenger became the first Bald Eagle in United States history trained to free-fly into major sports stadiums, arenas and ballrooms during the National Anthem, according to the American Eagle Foundation. Some of his biggest appearances include five Major League Baseball World Series, National Football League Pro-Bowls, White House appearances and numerous national television shows.

“I’m sure our 20th anniversary will be very moving,” Moran said. “I’ve been here two and a half years now and I am surprised at how many people from out of state who come back here to see the memorial. They’re respectful and reverent, and it’s touching and it hits you. We’re fortunate to have this.

“It’s a destination for a lot of people.”

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