The city of Eastlake is currently working with contractors to remove problematic trees along Vine Street.
According to the Eastlake Police Department, unsuitable trees had been planted in certain areas along Vine Street and they’ve grown too large to fit in the landscape.

“Presently the trees prevent the business signs from being seen, obstruct traffic and are raising the sidewalks,” the department stated in a Facebook post. “This has prevented us from plowing in the winter and has become a safety hazard for those walking on the sidewalk.”

Mayor Dennis Morley said that specific sidewalk plows could clear snow easier if the trees are removed and sidewalks are thus leveled. This could also improve the sidewalk’s safety for disabled and elderly residents.

“It’ll be more walk-able,” the mayor added.

According to a December News-Herald article, Morley had introduced the idea of repairing sidewalks and overgrown trees along Vine Street as part of the city’s 2019 plans.

“Basically we looked at border to border,” Morley had said, “Our main focus will be right over by the retail area where the Walmart is… we’re going to try to clean all that up.”

Presently, Eastlake police stated that the trees being removed should eventually be replaced with proper trees, in order to improve the appearance of the area and avoid future safety concerns.

In related news, Eastlake has been working with the cities of Willoughby and Willowick to complete projects in their shared Vine Street Corridor. According to a March News-Herald article, the three cities received a grant from NOACA for further planning and improvements on Vine Street.

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