A Special Meeting of the Eastlake City Council was held at Eastlake City Hall, 35150 Lakeshore Boulevard. The Meeting was called to order by Council President Mr. D’Ambrosio at approximately 5:45 p.m.

Members of Council in attendance were Mr. Licht, Mrs. Quinn-Hopkins, Mr. Evers, Ms. DePledge, Ms. Vaughn and Council President Mr. D’Ambrosio. Mr. Hoefle was absent and excused. Also attending was Council Clerk Mrs. Cendroski.  

Those attending from the Administration were Mayor Morley, Law Director Klammer, Finance Director Slocum and Service Director Rubertino.



            Mr. D’Ambrosio: Mayor, is there anything you would like to say before we vote on this legislation?

                              Mayor Morley: Thank you, Mr. President and Council. Thank you to the residents who are in the audience today. We have been working with the YMCA for the last month and a half to try to get an agreement for the YMCA to take over our pool and operate it. The City will still own the park. Our plans are to lease it to the YMCA for $1.00 per year and they will operate everything inside the pool and the City will maintain the outside of the pool and grounds. Ms. Vaughn and I have been meeting with the YMCA to try to get this moving. We finally came to an agreement that we can all live with. It is before Council this evening for vote to permit the YMCA to take over. I want to provide a little background. Ms. Vaughn is a member of the YMCA and has been going there. We have been in contact off and on with Clint Simons, who is the Executive Director and Sue Dietrich who works at the YMCA and runs all their pools; and, who is an Eastlake resident. They met with us to brainstorm over the last month and one half. Our Fire Marshall Lonnie Futchi introduced me to Mr. Timothy Small, owner of Best Supply, and his daughter Samantha. Mr. Small is the big reason this pool opened. He is donating $15,000. We have all been hard working on this and it is a good agreement for us. Mr. Simons, would you provide the details from the YMCA’s side and the reason we are partnering with the YMCA? First, Ms. Vaughn, can you say what we talked about?

                              Ms. Vaughn: I wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention. This is the first time to my knowledge that we have a municipal government, a private non-profit, and a local business community representing all facets of the enterprises in this area working together to put something out for the residents of the City of Eastlake and other people who are interested. I think it is a feat well done. It took a lot of hard work by a lot of people and I think the Mayor particularly as our leader should be congratulated.

                              Mayor Morley: I forgot one thing. This will cost the City zero dollars. We will install an ADA required lift with the money coming out of our capital improvement fund so no money will come out of the General Fund. The cost is between $5,500 and $5,700. This is an ADA lift required by the Disabilities Act so people can access the pool. It was not just me – it is everyone in this room.

                              Clint Simons, 5429 Woodside Road, Mentor-on-the –Lake, OH

                              Mr. Simons: I represent the YMCA. My Branch is at 37100 Euclid Avenue, Willoughby, OH. Thank you, Mayor Morley, for helping pull this thing together. This project has been the brainchild of Ms. Vaughn and Ms. Dietrich, both Eastlake residents and closely connected to the YMCA. I have been with the YMCA my entire career. When I graduated high school it was my first job. I was a life guard and swim instructor at the YMCA. I grew up in Willoughby and also have family in Eastlake. So I have a lot of strong ties here and have worked in outdoor pools almost my entire career. I am very excited about the opportunity to partner with the City to make this go forward. Outdoor pools are a bit of a specialty for me. I have helped open several of them over my career and this is an exciting phase for the YMCA and the City. The biggest piece to look at and talk about is that with the YMCA operating the pool we will be using our membership dollars to help offset some of the cost of training and to kind of give us some padding. That is what part of running the operation will be – which is how accomplished our fee structure. We looked at all the local municipalities to get an average or mean of what the fees were for pool passes for families as well as individuals. Knowing we were using YMCA membership dollars to set up the operating we set up a discount group for Y members to be able to use the pool too. The Y members or family pass will be $50 for the summer season. That is for anyone who is a Y member in Lake County. An individual pass will be $30 for people who already have a Y pass. If there is a financial need as well there is another opportunity where we as a Y do financial assistance and fund raising. So, if someone is in a situation where they cannot afford a pool pass they can come to the YMCA and we can set them up on a scholarship membership and offer a scholarship on the pool pass as well. So it is an opportunity to help those in need in the community. For the general population in Eastlake there will be a resident fee for a family which is all the residents living in the same household of $150 for the summer. So, that is 13 weeks of swimming Monday through Sunday for $150 or an individual resident in the City of Eastlake can get a pool pass for $75. We have set up a senior citizens’ fee for the residents in Eastlake. We do not have that discount group for Y members or non-residents – just for Eastlake residents – so, if you are a senior 65 years of age or older it is only $30 for the thirteen week season. For non-residents it is $275 for a non-resident family and $120 for an individual.

                              Mr. D’Ambrosio: What is the target date for opening?

                              Mr. Simons: June 15th – Fathers’ Day.


Bonnie Mason, 1264 Waverly, Eastlake

Ms. Mason: I have been an Eastlake resident for 35 years. I was born and raised here. I thought I heard that it was going to be equipped for handicapped people?

Mayor Morley: Yes.

Ms. Mason: That is all I wanted to make sure. I have a daughter who is in a wheel chair who used to love swimming there and one of the previous Mayors put the steps in for her to get in and out and I was very happy with that. Just wanted to make sure.

Mayor Morley: This will be a lift. It will go right in the pool.

Mr. Simons: There is legislation with the ADA that all public swimming pools need to have a self powered lift so any individual who can transport themselves in a chair can power themselves into the pool area.

Timothy Small, 33999 Melinz Pkwy., Eastlake

Mr. Small: I am the owner of Best Supply and became a resident with our corporate headquarters here about 4 years ago and have been in business for about 30 years. We operate in multiple locations in Ohio, two locations in Columbus, Canton, North Carolina, South Carolina and Pennsylvania. We distribute building material – drywall, metal studs, ceiling tiles – things like that to commercial contractors. We moved our corporate office here about 4 years ago on Melinz Pkwy. We love the facility and have done a lot of work to the facility and are very proud of it. We employee quite a few people who are in Eastlake – how many I am not exactly sure but overall we employ about 270 people company wide. We are happy to be in Eastlake and have our corporate business here. I think it is important for a business in a community to support the community. I am a firm believer in that. Both in grass roots things like this and in other things we do beyond this. I think it is a good corporate sponsor to do that and Best Supply is happy to work with the Mayor and Council and especially the YMCA for stepping up and taking over this endeavor for the City of Eastlake. Thank you.

Mr. D’Ambrosio: If it were not for these two organizations this would not be possible and I think everyone in this room realizes that. Thank you very much.

                              RECOGNITION OF THE PUBLIC

                              Mr. D’Ambrosio recognized the public input at this time; he reminded the speakers that there is a 3-minute limit for their comments; all comments are to be directed to the Chair and not include any personalities or individuals.

There was no one who wished to speak.

LEGISLATION PROPOSED – First number will be 2014-029

                                                                        RESOLUTION NO.: 05-22-(01)

Requested by: Administration                                    A Resolution authorizing and directing the Sponsored by: Council                                    Mayor and Director of Finance to enter into a                                                                       Lease Agreement between the City of Eastlake                                                                     and the Lake County YMCA for use of the                                                                                    Houston-Fisher Pool facility and surrounding                                                                 grounds, with said property to be used by the                                                                       YMCA to provide aquatic and recreational                                                                           programming at the City of Eastlake’s                                                                                   swimming pool, and declaring an emergency.

MOTION: Ms. Vaughn moved to suspend the rules requiring separate readings and

reading in full. Ms. DePledge seconded.

ROLL CALL: Yeas unanimous.

MOTION: Ms. Vaughn moved to adopt. Ms. DePledge seconded.

ROLL CALL: Yeas unanimous.

Motion carried. Legislation is adopted as Resolution No. 2014-029.

_     _     _       _          _          _          _          _          _          _          _          _          _



There was no Legislation Pending.



There was no Unfinished Business.



Proposed Amendment: Section 183.0501 “Rate of Income Taxable”

Mr. D’Ambrosio: Mr. Slocum?

Mr. Slocum: Basically, we have been reviewing the income tax ordinances and it came to light and is something I had meant to address for quite some time but with a winning, major lottery ticket purchased in the City of Eastlake as our ordinance currently reads we would not be able to tax it. I went out the Village of Jefferson. The Village of Jefferson three or four years ago had one of their businesses sell a Mega Lotto winning ticket. We took the language that is in their ordinances and duplicated it here. They have collected because of this language $873,000. Odds are this will never impact us but if we get lucky that a winning ticket is purchased here we have the ability to go after it – which we do not today. That is why I proposed this.

Mr. D’Ambrosio: Thank you. If there are no questions I would suggest we move this forward to the next regular Council meeting on May 27th?

All agreed to move the matter forward to the next regular Council meeting on May 27th.



The meeting was adjourned at approximately 6:00 p.m.



                                                          JOE D’AMBROSIO, COUNCIL PRESIDENT

APPROVED: ______________________

ATTEST: ________________________

                 DEBORAH A. CENDROSKI

                   CLERK OF COUNCIL

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