The Regular Meeting of the Eastlake City Council was held at Eastlake City Hall, 35150 Lakeshore Boulevard. The Meeting was called to order by Council President Mr. D’Ambrosio at approximately 7:04 p.m.  

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Members of Council in attendance were Mr. Licht, Mrs. Quinn-Hopkins, Mr. Evers, Ms. DePledge, Mr. Hoefle, Ms. Vaughn and Council President Mr. D’Ambrosio. Also attending was Council Clerk Mrs. Cendroski.

Those attending from the Administration were Mayor Morley, Law Director Klammer, Finance Director Slocum, Service Director Rubertino and CBO McReynolds. City Engineer Guard, Police Chief Reik and Fire Chief Whittington were absent and excused.



Finance Committee Meeting with adjournment into Executive Session – March 18, 2014

MOTION: Ms. DePledge moved to approve the minutes of the Finance Committee Meeting of March 18, 2014. Mrs. Quinn-Hopkins seconded.

ROLL CALL:     Yeas: Ms. DePledge, Mrs. Quinn-Hopkins, Mr. Licht, Mr. Evers,

                                         Mr. Hoefle, Mr. D’Ambrosio.

                        Abstain: Ms. Vaughn

Motion carried. The minutes were approved.

_     _     _       _          _          _          _          _          _          _          _          _          _

Special Council Meeting to adjourn into Executive Session – March 25, 2014

MOTION: Ms. Vaughn moved to approve the minutes of the Special Council Meeting to adjourn into Executive Session of March 25, 2014. Ms. DePledge seconded.

ROLL CALL:     Yeas unanimous.

Motion carried. The minutes were approved.

_     _     _       _          _          _          _          _          _          _          _          _          _

Regular Council Meeting – March 25, 2014

MOTION: Ms. Vaughn moved to approve the minutes of the Regular Council Meeting of March 25, 2014. Ms. DePledge seconded.

ROLL CALL:     Yeas unanimous.

Motion carried. The minutes were approved.

_     _     _       _          _          _          _          _          _          _          _          _          _

Planning Committee Meeting with adjournment into Executive Session – April 1, 2014

MOTION: Mr. Evers moved to approve the minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting with adjournment into Executive Session of April 1, 2014. Mr. Hoefle seconded.

ROLL CALL:     Yeas: Mr. Evers, Mr. Hoefle, Ms. DePledge, Mrs. Quinn-Hopkins,

                                         Mr. D’Ambrosio.

                        Abstain: Ms. Vaughn, Mr. Licht

Motion carried. The minutes were approved.

_     _     _       _          _          _          _          _          _          _          _          _          _


Meetings Scheduled

Mr. D’Ambrosio: I am sure the Mayor will talk about this but there will be an Easter Egg Hunt this Saturday in Eastlake at the stadium. The doors open at 8:30 a.m. with the hunt starting at 9:00 p.m. Mr. Evers had a lot to do with this as did the Mayor but I believe Mr. Evers got about 11,000 eggs. We are hoping for a good time. It looks like the weather will be nice. This will be the first Easter Egg Hunt in quite a few years in the City and we are hoping for a good turnout. Mr. Evers thanks for all the work you did. He got EPal involved.

Mr. Evers: It was a collaborated effort with the City. Mayor, I want to thank you for your contribution, EPal and the Lake County Captains. All three organizations kicked in to make this possible. The turn out and offers of help has been phenomenal throughout the entire City. Eastlake North High, our Seniors, the EPal kids, members of Council and the Mayor all came over to help stuff the eggs. It has been fabulous. Hopefully we will see everyone Saturday.

Mr. D’Ambrosio: The next Council-as-a-Whole Committee Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. The Regular Council meeting will be convened immediately following the adjournment of the Council-as-a-Whole Committee meeting.



A communication was received from the Administration requesting an amendment to Legislation No. 2012-077, adopted November 27, 2012 regarding the Fire Pension Fund.

Mr. D’Ambrosio: This was discussed in Council-as-a-Whole Committee and will be added to the evening’s agenda as Legislation No. 04-08-(04).



Mr. D’Ambrosio: A Planning Committee meeting was held.


Mr. Evers: The matters were discussed in Council-as-a-Whole Committee. Both items appear on tonight’s agenda for Council’s approval or vote. I am open for questions.

There were no questions of Mr. Evers.


Legislative Recommendation

Legislation No. 04-08-(04)

Ms. Vaughn moved to add Legislation No. 04-08-(04) to the evening’s agenda amendingResolution No.2012-077, adoptedNovember27,2012,andauthorizing anddirectingtheMayorand DirectorofFinance,effectiveJanuary1,2014,topick-upzeropercent(0%)oftheten and three quarters percent(10.75%)mandatorycontributionsbytheemployeeswhoaremembersoftheOhioPoliceand FirePensionFundbypayingthecontributionsonbehalfoftheemployee. Ms. DePledge seconded.

ROLL CALL: Yeas unanimous.

Motion carried. Legislation No. 04-08-(04) is added to the evening’s agenda.

WPCC Committee – Mrs. Quinn-Hopkins, Chair

Legislative Recommendation

Legislation No. 04-08-(03)

Mrs. Quinn-Hopkins moved to add Legislation No. 04-08-(03) to the evening’s agenda granting permission from the City of Eastlake to the City of Willoughby to expend funds in an amount not to exceed Three Hundred Fifty Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($350,500.00) for the W-E WPCC 2014 Capital Improvements Project. Mr. Licht seconded.

ROLL CALL: Yeas unanimous.

Motion carried. Legislation No. 04-08-(03) is added to the evening’s agenda.

Garden and Beautification Committee – Ms. Vaughn

Ms. Vaughn: I published in the paper that I am looking for volunteers to serve on a Garden and Beautification Committee for the City of Eastlake. I have been contacted by several people and we are looking to meet probably the second week of May on probably a Wednesday evening. We are looking to get this City dressed up a little bit – the gardens have been neglected through lack of interest and possibly lack of funds. We still suffer from lack of funds but maybe not lack of interest. I have information on plants that we could put into place and prevent the deer from eating them. I also have access to volunteers from the Auburn Career Center and people I work with on another committee that have landscape architecture design information and experience. If you know anyone who would like to help please have them contact me. A notice will be sent to everyone as soon as possible.


Eastlake Port Authority – Ms. DePledge, Liaison

Ms. DePledge: Tomorrow evening is the Eastlake Port Authority meeting at 7:00 p.m. here at City Hall.

Economic & Community Development Council – Mrs. Quinn-Hopkins, Chair

Mrs. Quinn-Hopkins: A meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. here at City Hall.


                              RECOGNITION OF THE PUBLIC

                              Mr. D’Ambrosio recognized the public input at this time; he reminded the speakers that there is a 3-minute limit for their comments; all comments are to be directed to the Chair and not include any personalities or individuals.


                              Martin Belich, 29480 Eddie Road, Willoughby, OH

                              Mr. Belich: I take a little offense to the strip club when it is an adult cabaret but, that is only a joke. I want to start by saying that I have been here in the City in excess of 30 years. In the 30 years the buildings I have built on what you would call the east side of the freeway – I have spent a lot of time there and have probably paid in excess of $5 million between real estate taxes, payroll taxes, permits and probably some attorney fees. Over the years what I have contributed to the City has been quite a bit. I don’t think in the 30 years I have been there and had the bar there that I have never caused anyone any problems or caused the Police Department – which we get along with – the Fire Department and everyone else. No one wanted my internet café and it never caused a problem in 3 years and it contributed a lot of money to the City – never had any issues with anyone. We are on the eastside of the freeway. The request I have is to open a restaurant there to have the adult cabaret in which I don’t think will cause any problems for anyone. After all they have a scrap yard next door, Adult Mart two doors down the other way – I have the pawn shop no one wanted which cost me in excess of $100,000 between rent and attorney fees arguing the point to put it in there and everyone thinks it is great now. I don’t think as far as that side of the freeway on the eastside that it would cause any problems to anyone and I don’t think it would hurt the community one bit. After all it is on the eastside. We are not going to have any issues there. I have not had any issues in 30 years and don’t plan to put up with any problems at this point from anyone. So, I would like the restaurant open and I think I can do more business there otherwise. I have no business since the internet café shut down. I don’t think at this point –

                              which ever way you decide – that it would cause an issue. I have not caused any issues or any problems in the 30 years I have been here. I think I have been an asset to the community. I have been through Councils, Mayors, Building Departments and whatnot. I think a decision on my part would be a good one. Mr. Walter may have something to say to you on what I am asking for. Hopefully you will think about it and go in our favor. I appreciate your time.

                              Erik L. Walter, Esq., the law firm of Dworkin & Berstein, 60 S. Park Place, Painesville, OH

                              Mr. Walter: Mr. Klammer and I have discussed this issue in the Planning Commission level and I think when you are making your decision that some aspects are very important for you to consider. One aspect is if you look at – I think you have it designated improperly – it is not a strip club. Under your zoning ordinances it says – and in particular Chapter 535 which was passed on 12/12/1995 – it would be properly determined a cabaret. Mr. Klammer thinks that is mincing words but that is by your own definition. That is important because Chapter 760 which originally dealt with adult entertainment dealt with specifically names and types of entertainment facilities. That ordinance was passed 10/22/1991. You specifically passed ordinances in the City of Eastlake in 1995 which made new designations for a cabaret. And if you look at those definitions nowhere in your ordinances – and I put this to the Planning Commission on two occasions – nowhere in your ordinances do you define where this type of business is going to go. I invite everyone in the City Council to take time and scour through the ordinances – they are online. I have had the most recent ones looked at – nowhere does it say where this cabaret can go. So we have a legal conundrum there because we do not have a specified designation. The ordinances say you don’t prohibit this type of use. When you build a bridge and it goes nowhere legally that is where my firm comes in on this issue. We would like to know where it would go now. If you look at the ordinances Chapter 535 specifically changed. There was one objection from the Building Department and that Building Department said within 1,000 feet of a university. Section 535 specifically designated universities are no longer part of that language. It is within 1,000 feet of another adult type business or a basically grade school or high school. Section 535 which was passed in 1995 designates it can go anywhere but it cannot go 1,000 feet of another adult type facility or within 1,000 feet of a grade school, middle school or high school. No longer is that definition inclusive of an educational facility such as Bryant and Stratton. So, when you are considering this tonight please think about that. Right now in that M-3 District there is an adult business and that seems to be the area – and I have been told that is because of Supreme Court rulings – that was where it was decided to put the Adult Mart. It is not my clients and he is not associated with that. However, if you look at where the placement of this business could go that seems to be the area designated. And if you look at M-3 zoning under Section 1161.02 paragraph (b) (7) it says “other lawful uses not specifically listed.” And if you look at this it is an authorized use. But again I think one legal issue that is going to cause years and years of litigation on this is you don’t say where you can put it. And so I have not heard from the months of my being in front of the Planning Commission where this would go because we have a problem if we have a business that your zoning ordinances specifically allow and specifically address. In 1995 an amendment was made to cover this. It is not a strip club. And I know that seems like us lawyers look at terminology. Terminology is important to us. By the way it is presented here tonight it says “to operate a strip club.” It should actually be cabaret because that is how you – the City of Eastlake – have designated its use. It is a cabaret. And if you look cabaret is only mentioned in two chapters – 535 and 181. 181 is a taxing issue. So 535 governs the placement of this operation. We presented documentation to the Planning Commission – we are in conundrum with the Police Department – who is responsible for issuing a license? It said my client needed to pursue a conditional use permit. Your ordinances say the Police Department – the Chief of Police specifically – can issue a license to operate a cabaret. My clients were told to pursue it through the Planning Commission through a conditional use permit. There is a facility there which is Pete’s Bar & Grille that would accommodate this. Based upon the evidence presented at Planning Commission as well as my comments today I represent there is an issue here. That is why our firm has taken this on. I have noticed in zoning codes sometimes they do not catch up with amendments and I believe there is a conflict here that allows a use but I do not know any court in this state that will look at this and say where they are supposed to put it.   And quite frankly we have never been told that. It would make sense to put it in this district where there is a building ready for it and where there is apparently is one other adult store which would allow it to fit into that district. The last point I would make – when it was up for public hearing no one came out in opposition of this use. There was not one soul. Even the Chair of the Planning Commission noticed that and he made it part of the record. No one had an objection. The only objection was that it was within 1,000 feet of a college. That is not an objection. Section 535 no longer provides for that. So, with that I would ask you to reconsider what the Planning Commission voted on and I think largely they were stuck on the issue that if they did not think a conditional use permit was the proper route to go then what is the proper route. Again, you allow it but you don’t allow it anywhere in your districts by any type of zoning ordinance so that is the issue that ultimately is going to come down to this. Thank you for your time.

                              Mrs. Quinn-Hopkins: If it not – how is a cabaret different from an adult strip club? How do you define a cabaret and what actually intends to happen there?

                              Mr. Klammer: I think even Mr. Walter would admit that it is mincing words and all would understand that an adult cabaret is a strip club. I think the notice went out with strip club to make sure that anyone who saw the notice understood this is an adult strip club and not something like a go-go club of sort. If I am wrong then they will explain that to us. That is just mincing words. I do not think it has any significance as far as a legal analysis.

                              Jean Germakow, 33845 Willowick Drive, Eastlake

                              Mrs. Germakow: I want to say how excited I am about the City and this joint effort to raise funds for the Safety Town and the Easter Egg Hunt. I really appreciate it and appreciate the way we are coming around and rallying the community. I have to say that I am a little stunned that we are going to open a strip club or cabaret in our community and that makes me really sad. I appreciate your loyalty to the City and your understanding of the law. I wish I could counter that some way but I can’t. But I can tell you that I am a lifelong citizen. I have been in this City for my whole life and I am disgusted by the Adult Mart but I have managed to look the other way but I am so sad if this adult strip club opens in the City. Thank you.


                              There was no one else who wished to speak.


LEGISLATION PROPOSED – First number will be 2014-018

                                                                        ORDINANCE NO: 04-08-(01)         

Requested by: Planning Commission            An Ordinance authorizing the issuance of Sponsored by: Planning Committee                  a Conditional Use Permit to Force Indoor Sports

                                                                        Eastlake, LLC, 34650 Melinz Parkway,                                                                                 Eastlake, Ohio, 44095, and declaring an                                                                                emergency.

MOTION: Mr. Evers moved to suspend the rules requiring separate readings and

reading in full. Mr. Hoefle seconded.

ROLL CALL: Yeas unanimous.

MOTION: Mr. Evers moved to adopt. Mr. Hoefle seconded.

ROLL CALL: Yeas unanimous.

Motion carried. Legislation is adopted as Ordinance No. 2014-018.

_     _     _       _          _          _          _          _          _          _          _          _          _

                                                                        ORDINANCE NO: 04-08-(02)

Requested by: Planning Commission            An Ordinance authorizing the issuance of a Sponsored by: Planning Committee                  Conditional Use Permit to Pete’s Bar & Grille,                                                                      Inc., 35700 Lakeland Blvd., Eastlake, Ohio                                                                          44095 to operate an Adult Strip Club, and                                                                                declaring an emergency.        

MOTION: Mr. Evers moved to suspend the rules requiring separate readings and

reading in full. Mrs. Quinn-Hopkins seconded.

ROLL CALL: Yeas unanimous.

MOTION: Mr. Evers moved to adopt. Mrs. Quinn-Hopkins seconded.

ROLL CALL: Nays unanimous.

Motion carried. Legislation No. 04-08-(02) fails.

_     _     _       _          _          _          _          _          _          _          _          _          _

04-08-(03)                                                       RESOLUTION NO.:___________

Requested by: WPCC Super. Gorka             A Resolution granting permission from the

Sponsored by: Service/Utilities Committee City of Eastlake to the City of Willoughby to

expend funds in an amount not to exceed

Three Hundred Fifty Thousand Five Hundred

Dollars ($350,500.00) for the W-E WPCC 2014

Capital Improvements Project, and declaring an emergency.

MOTION: Ms. Vaughn moved to suspend the rules requiring separate readings and

reading in full. Ms. DePledge seconded.

ROLL CALL: Yeas unanimous.

MOTION: Mrs. Quinn-Hopkins moved to adopt. Mr. Evers seconded.

ROLL CALL: Yeas unanimous.

Motion carried. Legislation is adopted as Resolution No. 2014-019.

_     _     _       _          _          _          _          _          _          _          _          _          _

                                                                      RESOLUTIONNO.: 04-08-(04)                        

Requestedby:Administration                     AResolutionamendingResolution No.2012-Sponsoredby:Council                                  077, adoptedNovember27,2012,and                                                                              authorizinganddirectingtheMayorand                                                                              DirectorofFinance, effectiveJanuary1,2014,                                                                         topick-upzeropercent(0%)oftheten and                                                                three quarters percent(10.75%) mandatory                                                 contributionsbytheemployeeswhoare                                                              membersoftheOhioPoliceand FirePension                                               Fundbypayingthecontributionsonbehalfof                                                                      theemployee,and declaringanemergency.

MOTION: Ms. Vaughn moved to suspend the rules requiring separate readings and

reading in full. Ms. DePledge seconded.

ROLL CALL: Yeas unanimous.

MOTION: Ms. Vaughn moved to adopt. Ms. DePledge seconded.

ROLL CALL: Yeas unanimous.

Motion carried. Legislation is adopted as Resolution No. 2014-020.

_     _     _       _          _          _          _          _          _          _          _          _          _


There was no Legislation Pending.



There was no Unfinished Business.



There was no New Business.




Mayor Morley: Thank you Mrs. Germakow for the compliments on our working together to move the City forward. I met with Eddie from WalMart today to go over when they would be starting the driveways. They will get back with me tomorrow on the schedule for the driveway construction. She is waiting to hear from corporate. Our big concern right now is fixing the roads and potholes. We are picking up all the stones that were left from all the chunks of asphalt and cement. We are supposed to get the hot box in another week of so and the asphalt plant will open soon so we can make more permanent fixes. We are looking at all areas of the City including Willowick Drive from the Willowick border all the way to Lakeshore Blvd. I have talked to City Engineer Gwydir in hoping of getting seed money for next year to try to get better repairs. We are looking at having a company come in to look at the joints to see how we can make better repairs. We continue to check and camera sewers as people call in. I am meeting with Service in the next week or so to set up a schedule. Ms. Vaughn sent a memo today about our system. We are going to try to have a system set up similar to what we have for snow plowing. We will have all streets on it and once we camera or jet clean we will write the date on it so residents will know. The Safety Town fund raiser is going very well. That is on April 25th and tickets are going good. It is nice to have everyone and the Police Department involved and everyone who is coming out to help. We have not had one of those in a long time. It is good to see so many people on board. Rally’s Grand Opening is now April 29th at 10:00 a.m. I met with Willowick’s Mayor Bonde and the Captains. We did not put any money in the budget for fireworks so between the City of Willowick and the City of Eastlake we are going to try to get corporate sponsors – I will try to get $4,500 and Mayor Bonde will try to get $4,500 with the Captains paying the other half. If you know of any corporations who want to help donate $250, $500 or $1,000 they can contact me or Mayor Bonde so we can have joint fireworks for the City of Eastlake and Willowick this year. This concludes my report and I am open for questions.


There were no questions of Mayor Morley.




LAW DIRECTOR – Randy Klammer

Mr. Klammer: Just to keep you up to speed on the property that is hanging over the edge by the lake. We had another hearing on it today. I want to thank Mr. McReynolds, Mr. Gwydir and Fire Chief Whittington who were there to express our concern with the condition of the building and trying to respect the fact that it is the person’s home and he is doing what he can to save it. But, it is in a precarious position and we are trying to balance that with his right to keep his family there. We are moving forward. The Judge pushed it back a couple of weeks and they are trying to get some engineering. Other than that I happened to be at a Council on Aging meeting and they made a comment that they needed Meals on Wheels drivers and one of the cities was Eastlake. I thought I would mention it in case anyone had time for Meals on Wheels. I am open for questions.

There were no questions of Mr. Klammer.



Mr. Slocum: We will be publishing the financials through the end of March. I am happy to report that year to date we are just a little bit above budget in income tax which we had started out in the hole. Hopefully I can say it again after this month because April is our big month for income tax collection. We had budgeted to collect about $6,000 in inheritance taxes and we are at $10,500 already. It sounded real good and I was real happy until I saw that Mentor got close to $500,000 and Willoughby got about $110,000. I am open for questions.

There were no questions of Mr. Slocum.


                     Mr. Rubertino: I would like to thank you for your comments and compliments. We are     striving to get the City back to where everyone would like it to be. The Mayor touched on         the asphalt patching or the cold patching on Willowick Drive. We are sweeping the street as     quickly as we possibly can and will continue to do the potholes. We are still picking up          leaves from last year and are almost completed. The hot box appears to be on schedule and I         am hoping to have possession within the next 7-10 business days. That coincides with the   timeframe of the asphalt plants opening. We have been flushing sewers – we started Friday         and continued yesterday and today. The streets are being documented. I am open to requests   for potholes to be filled. We are checking every street and there is a chance we could miss    one. I welcome any calls or comments. I am open for questions.

                     Mr. Licht: You mentioned the leaf pickup. Was that planned or announced?

                     Mr. Rubertino: We did not announce it. It is just a continuation of where we left off in    winter. We were still out in December doing leaf pickup.

                     Mr. Licht: I think it is a great idea but maybe next year if you do it you should announce it.

                     Mayor Morley: They are going around the different streets to see if there are still leaf piles.          Yard waste pickup started last week. Some areas have issues with clogged culvert pipes.

                     Mr. Rubertino: We are sucking out the leaves so the pipes are not clogged when the heavy            rains come. We don’t want that either. We have found areas with leaves left from last year.         Once winter came we really had no option at that point to get back to them. We are trying to             get those cleaned up and hopefully we can keep ahead of them instead of being behind.

                     Mayor Morley: Did you tell them about the new residents on Erie Road?

                     Mr. Rubertino: We now have a nesting pair of eagles on Erie Road north of Lakeshore Blvd.       The area has been corded off and it has been recommended by the Department of Natural   Resources that we limit the amount of traffic that goes in there. We have had the group that       flies helicopters and model planes in there and I have contacted the gentleman running the         club to request they no longer do that and we have asked them to relocate temporarily. It is          not that we are requesting – it is what we are going to do to save the eagles and if they are            nesting. Which we do not know because we cannot see into the nest – but all indications are             there is a nesting pair there and they probably are in the process of having chicks. So, we are    going to try to preserve that probably through August – that should be when they would be        on their way out of the nest. I am excited about it and like it. It will be difficult to keep people out of there. Some people from Penitentiary Glen will come observe and make       recommendations. Basically, we are happy they are there and want our residents to know     they are there because if they find out unknowingly the traffic may increase. There is no             stopping along Erie Road and we will be posting signs and will be enforcing the area they are          living in to protect them. I am excited about it. I like it.

                     Mr. D’Ambrosio: I know you have a system you are following for flushing the sewers –    whenever you get to Freed and Grovewood let the Mayor know because there are people I    have to email.

                     Mayor Morley: That is not a problem.

                     Mr. Rubertino: We did go there. For the two addresses we had the areas are open. It is not        saying they are all clear but at this point as we are getting them – that is why I ask people to            call – so we can at least get in there to know if it is on our end or not.

                     Ms. Vaughn: Are you doing sanitary and storm?

                     Mr. Rubertino: Right now just storm.

                     Ms. Vaughn: I had a request from a resident for the sanitary lines to be flushed on Iris.

                     Mr. Rubertino: If I get a work order I will have no problem going out there. I will make a             note of it.

                     Mr. Evers: There was a work order for sanitary around the harbor around November – is it            still open?

                     Mr. Rubertino: Everything in the harbor area has been flushed.

                     There were further no questions of Mr. Rubertino.

                     CHIEF BUILDING OFFICIAL – James S. McReynolds

Mr. McReynolds: We have turned the corner with weather. As the Mayor mentioned Rally’s has been progressing. They have poured the concrete and installed their sign and will commence training in the next couple of weeks. Our next big project is Enpress which is taking over the old Eaton building site. They are clearing the land and moving trees to get started pouring the foundation. We have a preconstruction meeting with the principles tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. where we will discuss items like subcontracting and keeping the City streets clean and things like that. The next project which will start while Enpress is underway is the TruFab building which is a manufacturing complex also and will be a welcome addition to our City. We had our audit last week and we looked pretty good. There are a couple of things we were able to change in anticipation of our ISO audit so I am feeling more confident now. I am open for questions.

There were no questions of Mr. McReynolds.



Mr. Gwydir was absent and excused.


FIRE CHIEF – Ted Whittington

                     Chief Whittington was absent and excused.



Chief Reik was absent and excused.



Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:41 p.m.


           ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­                                                ______________________________________

                                                            JOE D’AMBROSIO, COUNCIL PRESIDENT

APPROVED: __________________________

ATTEST: _____________________________

                 DEBORAH A. CENDROSKI,      

                      CLERK OF COUNCIL

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