Council President Mr. D’Ambrosio opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.



Members of Council in attendance were Mr. Licht, Mr. Evers, Ms. DePledge, Mr. Hoefle, Ms. Vaughn and Council President Mr. D’Ambrosio. Mrs. Quinn-Hopkins was absent and excused. Also attending was Council Clerk Mrs. Cendroski.

Those attending from the Administration were Mayor Morley, Law Director Klammer, Finance Director Slocum, CBO Menn and Fire Chief Whittington. Police Chief Reik, Service Director Rubertino and City Engineer Gwydir were absent and excused.  



There was no Legislation Proposed.



There was no Legislation Pending.



Contract: Honeywell International, Inc.: City Hall HWP Repair: $14,147.24

Mr. D’Ambrosio: We are having difficulties with the heating and air conditioning. Mayor?

Mayor Morley: There are two different pumps in the boiler area and one pump is completely down. This is to repair one of the pumps. If you had been in here the last couple of weeks – we finally got heat a couple of days ago.

There were no questions or comments.


Re-appropriation: January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014: Salt Storage


Mr. D’Ambrosio: We spoke about the salt dome we are having constructed for the cost of $300,000. Mr. Slocum?

Mr. Slocum: We got the loan two weeks ago and have the $300,000 in the bank. As we discussed in Committee we are going to transfer some of the spending out of the General Fund to the Street, Construction, Maintenance and Repair Fund which is for salaries for people who work on the roads. We have been charging to the General Fund thus freeing up the money in the General Fund that we can pay for the salt. The affect on the General Fund is zero in increased spending with the exception of the $300,000 we borrowed and in the future we will pay the repayments out of the General Fund and have more salary paid out of the Street Construction, Maintenance and Repair Fund.

Mr. D’Ambrosio: We are going to pay the loan off in five years?

Mr. Slocum: It is a five year bond.

Mr. D’Ambrosio: We received a low interest rate on it.

Mr. Slocum: 1.89%.

There were no questions or comments.

Memorandum of Understanding: City of Eastlake and International Association Of Fire Fighters, Local 2860, AFL-CIO

Mr. D’Ambrosio: We had contract negotiations and this is an item that was inadvertently omitted from the contract. It was agreed to by both sides. Chief Whittington?

Chief Whittington: It was not even an item that was being negotiated. The subject matter was almost a housekeeping item.

Mayor Morley: It was missed in the contract – it was just omitted – there were no issues on the negotiations.

Mr. Slocum: This item was in the last contract we signed. When we were working on a draft for this year’s contract this provision was inadvertently omitted. Both the Administration and Union believe this section is needed and we fully support you approve the section.

There were no questions or comments.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:04 p.m.


                                                                                    APPROVED: ________________

                                                                                       DATE: __________________

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