Council President Mr. D’Ambrosio opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.



Members of Council in attendance were Mrs. Quinn-Hopkins, Mr. Licht, Ms. DePledge, Mr. Hoefle,

Mr. Evers and Council President Mr. D’Ambrosio.  Ms. Vaughn is absent and excused.



Mr. Gwydir: The period of time that pipes become uncovered those diffusers, those T sections have broken off to the side and have been pushed aside and we are in danger of having the Lake bottom migrate and get into that pipe and fill the pipe. If the pipe becomes blocked they have to go back to a chamber right by the Salmon Club open that up and let the (inaudible) pour into Corporation Creek until the diffusers can be fixed. There is a window of time, primarily in the summer between June and August when this work can be done. It is 23 feet under water, so we pushing real hard to see what we can do to get through the permitting process, the design process, get the pipe purchased, in order to get it fixed during this coming summer window. We are hoping that is going to be possible. We are still investigating the permits to see what is required. That may push that back a year. We are not sure yet. Currently, we have investigated pipe availability, pipe pricing, we have done some preliminary talking with contractors to get the overall price of the project, which I believe I sent over to the Mayor as being at about $950,000.00. We are that far right now, so we are just looking to get this underway, in the hopes that it can be done during this summer, if not then by next summer. We are just worried that it is going to block up the Lake bottom ships on a rather consistent basis, portions of the pipe become covered, uncovered. On an annual basis, it is not uncommon, but it can fill up, which is what we are concerned about. That is what is mainly going on.

Mr. D’Ambrosio: I thought that I saw an e-mail where they inspected this last year. They use divers, right and they noticed that there was a problem?

Mr. Gwydir: That is correct. We noted during the Committee meetings for the Treatment Plant over the past, I would say about four (4) years that the diffusers have been knocked aside and moved over. Some have opened up but the problems have worsened significantly based on this last inspection. So that is where the recommendation came forth that we get on this. Unless it becomes blocked and you know Murphy’s Law, it would block in the middle of summer then we would have to open into Corporations Creek, which isn’t going to suite anybody. So that is really why we are pushing it, and also it causes some other permitting re-inventory issues.

Mr. D’Ambrosio: Then the Legislation tonight is to prepare the plans and to advertise this for bid right now. Correct?

Mr. Gwydir: That is correct.

Mr. D’Ambrosio: Ok. Any questions for Mr. Gwydir? Ms. Quinn-Hopkins?

Ms. Quinn-Hopkins: Is this the first that it is need to be repaired since it was first constructed?

Mr. Gwydir: Yes, this is a fairly major repair, and yes. That is correct.

Ms. Quinn-Hopkins: My second question is. Would it be possible to use the same plans from when it was originally constructed? I mean re-use the same plans?

Mr. Gwydir: We have pretty much pulled the same plans. We actually found the pipe supplier who built the pipe before. We have been in contact with them to do the pipe in an effort to see how quickly this can be done.

Ms. Quinn-Hopkins: So that would be a short cut then and save us some money that way, right?

Mr. Gwydir: Anything that we can do, and this is if it is a roadway or this pipe or anything to short cut the process the answer is yes. We do that on a regular basis.

Ms. Quinn-Hopkins: Thank you, great.

Mr. Gwydir: Clearly we have an understanding of the City’s finances and the liking. And yes we do that.

Ms. Quinn-Hopkins: Okay. Great.

Mayor Morley: Just so that you know. We had discussions today where our $475,000.00 would come would be from the sanitary storm, from sewer fund, there is approximately $2.8 million in there. We discussed today, because I don’t think that we want to take another loan out, so we would just use the money out of that fund, if that’s. When we get to that point. I just want to give you a heads up. That’s where we are looking to take the money from.

Mr. D’Ambrosio: Okay, thank you. Anymore questions for Mr. Gwydir or the Mayor? Mr. Licht?

Mr. Licht: This is split with Willoughby 50/50?

Mr. Gwydir: Yes.

Mayor Morley: If you see the Legislation that is attached, I attached Willoughby’s legislation for their half.

Mr. D’Ambrosio: Any other questions?


There was no Legislation Pending.



Mr. D’Ambrosio: We do have a couple of items. They are both liquor license transfers. The first one is for 5945 Andrews LLC doing business as El Planque Mexican Restaurant, at 35520 Vine Street, Eastlake, OH 44095 to Mandez Rodriequez LLC, 35520 Vine Street, Eastlake, OH 44095, basically they are just changing the name.

The other is for Bullbar LLC, doing business as Bullbar, 36091 Vine Street, Eastlake, OH 44095 to Robert F. Macerria LLC, at 36091 Vine Street, Eastlake, OH 44095.

I did talk to the Mayor, there were no objections from the Administration. Police Chief Reik, no objections from you on this. Mr. Hoefle if you would make a motion on these two in the Council Meeting.

There were no questions or comments.


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:06 p.m.


                                                                                    APPROVED: ________________


                                                                                      DATE: __________________

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