Council-As-A-Whole Committee Meeting Minutes from June 27, 2017








JUNE 27, 2017


Council President Ms. DePledge opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.




Members of Council in attendance were Mr. Zuren, Mr. Meyers, Mr. Kasunick, Mr. Spotton, Mr. Evers, Mr. Hoefle and Council President Ms. DePledge. Also attending was Council Clerk Mrs. Simons.


Those attending from the Administration were Mayor Morley, Fire Chief Whittington, CBO Menn, City Engineer Gwydir and Law Director Klammer.  Police Chief Reik, Service Director Rubertino and Finance Director Schindel were absent and excused.


Ms. DePledge: If there is anyone privately recording this meeting as courtesy to the public will you please identify yourself so that the fellow attendees know that they are being recorded.  Seeing none this meeting is being recorded by the City of Eastlake.




There was no Legislation Proposed.


There were no further questions or comments.




There was no Legislation Pending.


There were no further questions or comments.




Ordinance: To reappropriate for the expenses beginning on January 1, 2017 and ending on December 31, 2017


Resolution: To expend funds from the Coastal Management Assistance Grant Program (CMAG)


Ms. DePledge:  Both of these items will need a Motion to add them to this evening’s agenda; as respectively they will be 06-27-(01) and 06-27-(02).  Mayor Morley would you like to address any of these items?

Mayor Morley: They are both for grants that we have received and we just have to put the money in.  There is no change in the budget.  The CMAG was $50,000.00 that we added and any of the other expenses that are on there will go through the Storm Water.  That we get reimbursed through the County and Ms. Schindel had to show the money going in from the grants and things.  That is what both of those have to do.  Is there anything on the CMAG that you wanted to talk about Mr. Gwydir?


Mr. Gwydir: It depends on what you want to know about it.

Mayor Morley: I guess you can talk about it during…it is a long process but we picked someone.  Remember that we got the grant for $50,000.00 and the remainder of the money like I said will come out of the Storm Water to do some things on that.  Mr. Gwydir can do a quick on during his report if wants to on the CMAG.

Mr. Gwydir: I will do that during my report if I could please.

Mayor Morley: That is both and there is not a difference in the budget.  It is to just put the money in and then when it comes back out once we get the grant money reimbursed.  

There were no further questions or comments.

The meeting was adjourned at 7: 03 p.m.




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