Co-Chairman Mr. D’Ambrosio opened the meeting at approximately 6:00 p.m. In attendance from the Committee were Mr. D’Ambrosio, Mr. Hoefle and Mrs. Quinn-Hopkins. In attendance from Council were Ms. DePledge, Mr. Licht and Council President Mr. Morley. Ms. Vaughn was absent and excused. Also in attendance was Councilman-at-Large Elect Mr. Evers.

In attendance from the Administration was Mr. Slocum. Mayor Andrzejewski and CBO McReynolds were absent.

Also in the audience was Herminio Carrasquillo respresenting Two Bucks Eastlake, Inc.


Two Bucks Eastlake, Inc., 35400 Vine Street, Unit J. (Herminio Carrasquillo)

Mr. D’Ambrosio: This restaurant will take over where 3rd Base Bar & Grill was. Most of us know it was also Beef O’Brady’s. It is going to be another bar and grill. Mr. Carrasquillo has drawings depicting the changes inside. I spoke with Mr. McReynolds who has no objections to this. There was nothing negative in the Planning Commission minutes. It appears to be a pretty firm business and hopefully it will work out. Are there any questions?

Mr. Hoefle: What are the hours of operation?

Mr. Carrasquillo: The typical hours for a bar – 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. That being said most places close a little early Monday through Wednesday. It depends on the business. At one location we close at 1:00 a.m. because there is not a lot of business after 1:00 a.m. The license is 5:00 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. but we will not be open at 5:00 a.m.

Mr. Carrasquillo described the drawings of the facility.


Mr. D’Ambrosio: The restaurant is currently in five locations – Avon, Middleburg Heights, North Olmstead, Parma and Mayfield. This would make the sixth location.

Mr. Carrasquillo: It is not Two Bucks but there is another establishment in the West Park area. It has been there for 50 years and we are taking it over. That is our concept. We find distressed properties and bring them back to life. We think 3rd Base fits that model for us – which is low investment cost so we can provide a great atmosphere at a value price.

Mr. Morley: I hope it works for you.

Mr. D’Ambrosio: We wish you the best and hope it works out for you.

Mrs. Quinn-Hopkins: Is the orange area in the drawing a meeting room?

Mr. Carrasquillo: That was a party room but it is really too small to be a party room. Our plan is to make it a small lounge area with a couple of sofas and tables that can be easily restructured. So, it can accommodate a small party. 3rd Base had bands but that is not our concept – maybe for a special occasion.

Mr. Hoefle: The party room area – when it was Beef O’Brady’s – in the summer the air conditioning did not get into it too often – it would get too warm.

Mr. Carrasquillo: When we were replacing the ceiling tiles we found the vents were closed off.

Mr. Morley: When is your opening?

Mr. Carrasquillo: We were shooting for a mid-December opening but the previous tenant – DJ’s had a liquor violation. It has nothing to do with my liquor license but that has an impact on the space. It may get delayed until January until that gets resolved. It was a violation from two owners ago. Why it impacted me – who knows. I have tables and chairs showing up next week. We were trying to December 1st and with your approving the liquor license last Tuesday it should have been on track and based on the Conditional Use Permit being approved on November 26th it should have been December 1st. We are committed to purchasing equipment.

Mr. D’Ambrosio: When you know when your grand opening is let Council and the Administration know.

Mr. Carrasquillo: We have openings with friends and family – the local community. We try to hire local and we have a posting there and on Face Book and our web site. We think we will end up with about twenty employees. Two – three full time and the rest will be part time. We will have a full time kitchen manager and general manager and a night manager.

There were no further questions or comments. The Committee agreed to move this item forward to the next regular Council meeting.



Mr. Slocum: We had brought legislation forward earlier and when we brought it we were operating under the belief that the generator was under State Bid but the State Bid had expired so we decided we would need to look for quotes. We received three competing bids under $25,000. The last bid in the packet did not include installation but the generator was about $19,000 and installation would have been $4,000. The company we are recommending provides the largest generator of the three that were bid. I would like to recommend this so we can move this forward. It will be a couple of months for the complete installation. It will not be finished this year but in the first quarter of next year.

Mr. Morley: Do we have to get anything from the school?

Mr. Slocum: We will get it from the school. I am not anticipating that being an issue but per our lease we have to get it. Also, we have to get the lease renewed and I am working on that because it expires the end of March, 2014. I have talked with the Superintendant and he is interested in moving it forward also.

Mr. D’Ambrosio: Facing the building where is it going to go?

Mr. Slocum: I have no idea.

Ms. DePledge: The last bid – you said $19,000 does not include installation but they refer to vibration isolator being installed between the engine and the generator – are they talking about the installation of the unit? They are talking about installing something.

Mr. Slocum: I have not talked personally with this company. What has been represented to me from Mr. Semik was that it did not include installation.

Mr. Morley: It stated “unloaded by others” – if they were installing they would be unloading it.

There were no further questions or comments. The Committee agreed to move this item forward to the next regular Council meeting.


Mr. Slocum: The lease for bingo – there was a misunderstanding as to whether they would actually do the set up or not. I had a nice conversation with Ms. Sutch. It was my opinion that unless we got a rental increase to cover those costs then the whole idea of keeping the building open with it becomes a substantial number. They agreed to increase their rent from $231 to $275 a day for the use and we would do the set up. We believe it will cover about 75% of our cost and we felt that was a fair compromise. I will make the recommendation that we make that change. They have seen the lease and in Section 7. of the lease where it said before that the Lessee will do the set up it now is back to the previous verbiage.

Mrs. Quinn-Hopkins: What would the increase be in order to cover our expense at 100%?

Mr. Slocum: It would probably go close to $300. If we can get a part-time custodian doing the work versus Union workers we could end up actually covering our cost. It is not covering based on the current personnel but I am hoping we will be able to make some changes in the future and we will cover that cost.

Mr. D’Ambrosio: Thank you for working this out.

There were no further questions or comments. The Committee agreed to move this item forward to the next regular Council meeting.

form: city of eastlake expenses by account

Mr. Slocum: This was requested by Ms. Vaughn. It is a summation of all the like accounts.

Mr. Morley: Ms. Vaughn asked if I had any issue with her speaking with Mr. Slocum about this. I like this.

Mr. Slocum: I had to do a little bit of work with our account titles but in the future this report will be extremely easy for me to create. If people like it I can continue to do it.

There were no further questions or comments.


There was no one who wished to speak.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:17 p.m.


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