Arizona business relocates to Eastlake

Eastlake-based company High Quality Tools (Servo Products) has acquired and relocated Elrod Machine and Manufacturing from Flagstaff, Arizona, to its headquarters on Lakeland Boulevard.

Servo Products is a client of the brand and marketing consultancy firm Equus Group, also located in Eastlake. Servo also has a branch in Largo, Florida.
Biljana Lovrinovic, CEO of Equus and a board member of the Lake County Ohio Port and Economic Development Authority, announced news of the acquisition last month.

The move is one of two major acquisitions the company has made over the years, according to General Manager Greg Heyen, who oversaw the deal.

“In 2004, we bought Servo Products Co. located in Pasadena, California, the premier American-made power feed company founded in 1964,” he said. “We set up the production lines here in Eastlake and employed about 10 people and that continues through today.

“Now, we (Servo) have developed a CNC (computer numerical control) retrofit system to upgrade manual mills (and lathes) to become automated. The items Elrod were making are a perfect fit for this new product line, so when the opportunity came along to get this, we did.”

Irene Cukelj, president of High Quality Tools, took over in January 2017 after the passing of her father who started the company.
“My father also started Two M Manufacturing in 1969,” she said. “After being in the business for years, he realized how difficult it was to get replacement parts for the machines and as a result started High Quality Tools in 1983.

“Now, we have many long-term employees, many of whom have been with the company for 20-plus years, which makes my job so much easier.”

Lovrinovic called her clients’ long history and recent business investments a positive reality for Lake County.

“It just shows our growth continues based on tradition and well-established relatioships here in Northeast Ohio,” she said.

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