Eastlake set to host ‘Trendy Pop-Up Shop’ winter market

Eastlake will be continuing its summertime farmers’ and vendor market in the form of an indoor, winter market named “The Trendy Pop-Up Shop.”

The market will begin Nov. 2 from 1 to 5 p.m. and will also take place Dec. 7. It will continue to be held twice per month from January to May until the summer market begins again.

Organizers Judy Moran and Debbie Yanchar said that 15 vendors are confirmed for the November and December events, and there are additional vendors on a waiting list.

“We’re planning to move in January to a bigger location,” Yanchar said. “We’re hoping to house about 50 vendors total.”

Moran mentioned that the Trendy Pop-Up Shop should continue the momentum of the summer market’s success.

“The interest was there and vendors talked among themselves to see what they could do throughout the winter,” Moran said. “Because after the holidays, there aren’t that many shows or things to do… So we brainstormed among all of us and said ‘maybe we can all get together and do something small like this.’ Well, I thought it was going to be small and then it just ballooned.”

Moran highlighted that two vendors who participated in the summer market have helped recruit additional vendors for the winter market. One of the vendors is Yanchar, who owns All for Alyssa Leggings and had approached Moran with the idea to start a wintertime market.

“I’ve gone to a few shows throughout the year and I just made friends with all the vendors at the different events,” Yanchar said. “Word of mouth has traveled about this pop-up shop… I have 43 vendors total that are wanting to be a part of this.”

She added that she began the market to help herself and fellow vendors during their typical off-months.

“In wintertime, 95 percent of all the vendors — we sit in idle because most of our events are outdoors,” Yanchar said. “And there’s really nothing going on in the winter months.”

Each of the 15 vendors set for Nov. 2 also donated an item to a basket that will be raffled off on Dec. 7, Yanchar added. The raffle proceeds will go toward a charity.

Although set days haven’t been determined, Yanchar said that the market will likely take place on two Saturdays each month.

It’s easier for the vendors,” Moran added. “A lot of them work; a lot of them are stay-at-home moms.”

In addition to providing vendors with the opportunity to sell and build a following, Moran said that continuing the market should help draw people into Eastlake.

“We want to be a destination,” she said.

The Trendy Pop-Up Shop will open for the first time Nov. 2 at Classic Park, 35300 Vine Street.

For more information on vendors, contact thetrendypopupshop@gmail.com or visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/410100303241319/

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