Welcome to Eastlake Fire Prevention

Our goal is simple:

1. Maintain adequete safety standards and practices among our community.
2. Keep our businesses operating safely.
3. Keep our Firefighter/Paramedics safe when they respond to emergencies.

How to best accomplish this:

1. Educate our residents why the rules exist and how they are in the best interest of the community.
2. Educate business/building owners how safety practices increase profits, by reducing liabilities.
3. Enforce safety codes when education fails.

LT Douglas Drake, 
Eastlake Fire Marshal

Office Hours: 7:00 - 3:30

Business Phone: 440-478-3534
Fax:                      440-946-0616
E-mail: Marshal@EastlakeFire.com

Appointments can be made for:

Commercial Safety Inspections
Type A Home Inspections
Pre-school Inspections
Residential Lock Box Purchase/Install

Residential Lock Box    $25

If you or a family member would ever need Fire/Rescue to respond to your home, but were unable to open the door, the time and cost of breaking-in can be avoided.

This 3.5 x 2.25 inch box can be mounted between the entry door and the screen door. It will hold the key to your house for Eastlake Fire/Rescue member access only in the event of a 9-1-1 call.

Contact Lt. Drake for further information.

ALERT: Electrical Fires

This winter, Eastlake has had three significant fires due to extension cord failures. The failure came from how the cords were used, NOT from a manufacturing mistake. Please check the use of all your devices.

The rules to follow are:

  1. Extension cords are meant to be temporary devices. If the cord has been in the same place for 6 months, it is no longer temporary.
  2. Extension cords should not be added to extension cords. Length matters for the power rating.
  3. Never coil an extension cord while in use. Energy and heat are multiplied with each circle.
  4. Power strips only trip during power surges. They do not protect you from over amperage. Never use items that heat or cool supplied by a power strip.
  5. Use only grounded (3-prong) UL listed Outdoor Extension Cords for outdoor use. The 3rd prong only protects you when the outlet is a 3-prong grounded outlet.


  1. It is illegal to burn yard waste. (Even if you have a hotdog on a stick)
  2. Residential Fire must be contained.
  3. The fire must be clean buring. (No smoke)
  4. The fire must be at least 25 feet from any structure or flammables.
  5. The fire load must be less than 3 feet in diameter and less than 2 feet high.
  6. Portable fire pits cannot be placed on a wooden deck, over straw, or dried grass.
  8. The fire must be attended AT ALL TIMES by a responsible adult.
  9. An appropriate extinguishing agent must be within reach.
  10. The fire must be COMPLETELY EXTINGUISHED before leaving the fire unattended. All portions of the fire must be cool enough to touch.
  11. Lastly, even if you have complied with all of the above rules and the Fire Department recieves a burning complaint, the responding Firefighter will evaluate the health and safety conditions. The responding Firefighter always has the FINAL AUTHORITY to have the fire extinguished.
The Eastlake can neither accept or furnish fire extinguishers. Local companies that can furnish or service extinguishers are: Click on the name and link to their website.

ABC Fire Equipment 

ABCO Fire Equipment 


Big Oats

Gene Ptacek & Son

Did You Change your batteries?

We are here to remind everyone to change the smoke alarm batteries every 6 months, and replace the entire alarm every 10 years. The older the device, the less likely it will activate properly. If you are unsure the age of the alarm, yellowed plastic, painted cover are reasons to replace the alarm. If you need help, contact the Fire Department at 440-951-2287 for installation.

Escape Plan

It is almost time for summer vacation. It is a great time to review your escape plan with your children. 

1. Can we get out of our home?
2. Do we have 2 ways out, if one is blocked?
3. Where does everyone meet once we are out?

Our schools have been practicing to keep our kids safe, but most fires occur in homes. Ask a 6-year old child what to do if there is a fire at school, and they will know exactly what to do. Ask an adult what to do if there is a fire at home, and we will hear 1000 different answers. Need help making a plan? Contact your friendly neighborhood Fire Marshal at 440-478-3534.

Ultimate Car Seat Guide

Distracted Driving is Now More Deadly than Drinking and Driving

During May of 2016 the Eastlake's Public Education Division, lead by Lt. Kirkner, was able to address the junior and senior classes of North High School about the dangers of texting while driving. During the demonstration, North students were shown the crash results, rescue efforts and legal recourse too commonly occuring in our community.

In years past we have done similar Mock Crashes based on the danger of drinking and driving. However, the danger of the everyday use of cell phones while driving has surpassed that of drinking and driving, and thus the focus of our message has changed with the times. It is our hope that educating our young drivers to form good driving habits for the rest of their lives will reduce the death and destruction.

Please watch and share Liz's story with drivers, both young and old, to keep our streets safe.

Liz's Story

It All Happens So Fast

Smokey Bear Video

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