Joseph Keough

By Jackie Pacholke

Joseph Keough

Joseph Keough has lived in the city of Eastlake since the mid-fifties. His family first settled on Beachpark Road near Lakeshore Boulevard. After a few years they moved to 354th Street where they resided for over 40 years. Their home was not far from Eastlake's first city hall. This was located in the building currently occupied by H. Bergers. This is where Roberts Road, Beachpark and Lakeshore Boulevard all come together. At one time this location was known as Steve's Barber Shop. For the last three years, the family has resided on 331st Street near the corner of Waverly Road.

Joesph Keough was born July 17, 1925 in Cleveland to John and Florence (Caldwell) Keough. He had five brothers and sisters.

During World War II he attended Cleveland Heights High School, but before graduation he had joined the U.S. Navy. His company was stationed on the Admiralty Islands. This was located near the equator north of New Guinea. His job involved transporting men to and from various ships so that they could be serviced. Most of the servicing being done involved radar and sonar. He liked being out in the sun and on the sea.

After returning home he purchased his first car, a tan Oldsmobile. One of the things he likes that has improved in his lifetime is power steering. His memory of Eastlake also included streets with big potholes. He is happy to see that most of the streets are now paved.

His sister Mary introduced him to Rose Murphy and they were married on September 4, 1954 at St. Philomena Church in Cleveland. To them were born five children: Joseph, Drew, Marge, Mary Beth and Matthew. Marge still resides in Eastlake.

For many years Joseph worked as a furniture delivery man for Sterling Lindner in Cleveland. If you remember, this is the Cleveland store that used to decorate for Christmas with an inside Christmas tree over 54 feet tall, with all the trimmings.

Joseph was a Boy Scout Scoutmaster for many years. Their troop would meet every week in the cabin located behind City Hall. He remembers one time in the winter sleeping out in a tent at Mentor Marsh in temperatures below 15 degrees. Brrr. He especially enjoys watching birds and would help the boys to earn a merit badge in this category. He now attracts birds to his front porch with food. During the course of the interview, a redheaded woodpecker visited his suet patch. What a treat! He keeps a bird identification book next to his chair, as he has been visited by many varieties.

Early on, Joe taught religion classes for St. Justin Martyr. These were known as PSR classes. He also belonged to a Parks and Shade Tree organization for the City of Eastlake. This group was responsible for planting the many trees that line our city streets.

A fond memory he has of the early city is taking his family down to the shore of Lake Erie. The beach was much larger than it is currently. They especially liked the sand down on the mouth of the Chagrin. Before the Eastlake Yacht Club took over this area, the public would gather here to watch the Fourth of July fireworks.

Joseph Keough thinks that the Eastlake police do an excellent job. He knows what it takes to do this job, as his son Joseph has just retired as a sheriff for Geauga County.

This article is brought to you courtesy of the Eastlake Historical Society.


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